• Rosemary

Map: LA to CT

Long drive, lots of views.

3000 miles, 12 states.

Main take aways:

- The U.S. is huge

- A lot of people, views, beliefs, and cultures inhabit the country.

- The road signs change per state: The Southwest has a lot of casino signs and Native American cultural attractions; Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri have the most religious signs with proud conservative signs; the Midwest had a mix of religious signs, insurance, and political signs; Pennsylvania had political signs mixed with insurance; and New York and CT had lawyer advertisements mixed with proud democrat signs.

Favorite State on this trip: Oklahoma! Anecdotally, the nicest drivers were in Oklahoma and the best burger was served at a diner in rural Oklahoma. Plus, Tulsa had very cool breweries.

Disclaimer: This trip was functional and masks were worn when in public.

Somewhere in Ohio...