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Increasing Food Access at UCLA

Click on the dots to see descriptions of Westwood eateries. The lighter the dot the cheaper the restaurant.

According to a study on student food insecurity conducted by the University of California in 2016, 42% of UC students experienced food insecurity in 2015 (Maynard, 4). Among other questions, the survey asked students questions to understand how often students had reduced their food intake in the past 12 months due to economic constraints. Of these respondents, 23% reported low food security, characterized by a diet low in variety and quality, but sufficient in calories. An additional 19% of respondents reported very low food security, defined by students decreasing their caloric intake and quality to meet financial demands.

Students often find themselves more financially independent during college, meaning they are prone to financial challenges as they learn how to handle new responsibilities. Notably, 57% of students that the survey identified as food insecure had not experienced food insecurity before college. Consequently, schools need to make an effort to teach their students about financial literacy, grocery shopping on a budget, and healthy eating.


Food Can Be Fun!

In the maps below, check out the free gardens around campus for a perfect picnic spot to enjoy the Southern Californian weather. Also included in the maps are public transit stops around campus so that you can plan your meals and adventures. Finally, these locations do not represent every spot, but rather a selection of the most popular places according to my personal interviews.


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