• Rosemary

Fire Hazard

In 2020, we saw alarmingly massive fires take center stage of world news. Californian fires whipped through the state and left very little behind. I made three maps of San Diego County's fire hazards. Data Sources: San Diego County Fire Agencies,

This first map shows the areas in San Diego County at moderate risk through high risk of fires. All light green areas are low fire risk or no risk. The dots plotted represent San Diego's major attractions. Only one attraction- Champagne Gardens- falls within a fire-risk zone.

This map ranks fire agencies in San Diego by their likelihood to have to manage fires in their territory.

This last map plots unexploded ordnance in San Diego. Fire fighters face major risks when fighting fires, especially when unknown explosives exist near the fires. This map attempts to mitigate some of that risk by informing fire agencies where they can expect to find unexploded ordnance.

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