• Rosemary

California Reference Map

I absolutely love the parks in California! When I was 13, my family and I went to Yosemite. The green hills and granite mountains, coupled with the city of San Francisco, made me resolve to move to California someday. Eight years later, I peppered my summer between junior and senior year with some backpacking trips and camping trips around California. To commemorate my love of California's national parks, I made a map of the parks and the highway system in my favorite state.

Using ArcGIS, I compiled different shapefiles of the parks, labeled them, and added various road layers to the map. Finally, I labeled the major cities and neighboring states. Though this map looks like a basic reference map, many components went into making it, thus making the project complex. The cartography is a tad bit rough, but I am still proud of the effort that went into making it!