• Rosemary

Bathrooms at UCLA

I have a theory that every student is on a consistent quest to find the best bathroom on campus.

To me, a bathroom needs doors that close all the way with no gap between the edge of the door and the stall wall (henceforth known as a "door-wall gap"). This gap makes for an awkward powder-room visit with far too high of a potential for unfortunate eye-contact. Technology has clearly advanced enough to solve this issue by making stall doors half an inch longer. Yet, despite the fact that enough people put funding and attention into my phone so that I can send a pointless meme to my friend in San Francisco, evidently no such funding has made it into the hands of manufacturers who could alleviate the awkwardness of college bathrooms. So, this map serves as a mini-protest. In conjunction with the mini-protest, I took the liberty of deducting major points for any UCLA bathroom with such a gap. You're so welcome.

Additionally, a good bathroom needs low foot traffic and good aesthetics. I conducted this study with an extreme level of personal bias but it's totally correct. I hope you enjoy!

The criteria of a good bathroom:

-no door-wall gap

-low foot traffic

-good aesthetics

-a certain je ne sais quoi

-an atmosphere that does not smell damp and possess a certain je-ne-sais-barf.

All bathrooms were empty at the time of the photo, so no privacy concerns here. I created this study for fun and educational purposes only.

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