Bathrooms at UCLA

Updated: Apr 9

I have a theory that every student is on a consistent quest to find the best bathroom on campus. At least, that's what I have focused on for these past 3.5 years. In this post I have complied my research for any interested party.

To me, a bathroom needs doors that close all the way with no gap between the door and the wall (henceforth known as a "door-wall gap"). This gap makes for an awkward powder-room visit. Yet, despite the fact that technology has come so far that I can send a pointless meme to my friend in San Francisco within seconds of me seeing it, door-wall gaps remain a fact of life. I took the liberty of deducting major points for any UCLA bathroom with such a gap. You're welcome.

Additionally, a good bathroom needs low foot traffic and good aesthetics. I conducted this study with an extreme level of personal bias but I still think it's correct. I hope you enjoy.

The criteria of a good bathroom:

-no door-wall gap

-low foot traffic

-good aesthetics

-a certain je ne sais quoi

-an atmosphere that does not smell overly damp and gross

All bathrooms were empty at the time of the photo, so no privacy concerns here. I created this study for fun and humor, and I recognize my luck in having access to so many bathrooms, all of which are relatively comfortable.

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  • Rosemary Wallace
Los Angeles, CA

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