Petit Chaton


Couche de Soleil à Venise


Un des petits magasins à Vézelay vend des bonbons au miel délicieux.

Jardin Secret

Secret Garden

Annecy Bridge

Annecy Bridge

The Blonde Burrito

The Blonde Burrito

Notre Dame

Notre Dame en été.


View From Home

Kerckhoff Patio

Kerckhoff Patio, UCLA

Ping Pong

Playing Ping Pong with the neighbors: Debating is mandatory.

Marina del Rey

Marina Del Rey Kayakers, Rowers, and Fishermen.

Louvre at Night

Night time at the Louvre!

New England Fall

Orchard Fall

Le Printemps

Lyon in the Spring

Chateau de Villandraut

Chateau de Villandraut, Chantier.

Flower Bridge, Simsbury

Flower Bridge, Simsbury

Fox Theaters

Fox Theaters in Westwood


Hey, Sunshine!


Geometric. Don't be square.

Lyon en Hiver

Lyon en Hiver

Moon Tree

Tree in the moonlight.

Palm Fronds

Summer Ferns and Leaves

Right Brain Left Brain

Drawn after an anatomy class about brain structure.


Snow Day Art: Garden.

  • Rosemary Wallace
Los Angeles, CA

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